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We source our engine parts from reliable Company’s throughout the UK.  This allows us to purchase such parts as Harrier Jump Jet fan discs 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Hawk Adour / Jaguar Adour stage 1 and 2 fan discs, Tornado front fans and various stator rings.  Fan cases / HP casings are also available.

From the civil aviation world, CFM 56 prove very popular.  Our materials include stage 1 fan discs, complete with No 1 / 2 bearing housings / hubs / HP casings / stator rings / exhaust cones / nose cones and many other parts.


BAE 146 engine parts also make some wonderful examples of jet engine furniture, we have numerous materials available.

We take our inspiration for our designs from what is in front of us … whether it be a fan disc, a blade hub, a stator ring or any other decommissioned engine part.  “What can we make from this” is our mantra.

Wooden patterns are made for the foundry process … badges, bases, brackets etc.  These are cast, hand finished then polished to a mirror finish ( insert photo of horse shoe).

Our customers are able to have as much or as little input into the design of their individual piece of art… we are happy to work with and guide them through the very rewarding process from start to finish.

Powder coating and painting of parts really brings them to life… the vibrant colours of your choice making these aviation pieces then truly unique.

And finally, we aim to deliver ourselves throughout the UK.  This provides not only our customers but ourselves with the piece of mind that your unique piece of furniture is delivered and set up in your individual space.

However, if you are based overseas, that’s not a problem.  We are able to provide our international customers with a turnkey operation inclusive of crating and export documentation etc.






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